Why is now the best time to get solar panels?

Currently, you get Federal Tax Credits and State Tax Credits which make solar extremely lucrative for the average home owner or business owner. Solar is the gift that keeps on giving, with a 25 year warranty backed by Power Guard Insurance, you can be sure to enjoy the benefits from your new solar panel system for decades to come.

What is Power Guard Insurance?

Power Guard is an insurance policy that protects you from any solar panel system failures. For example, if our company was to go out of business and the manufacture of the panels were to go out of business your system is still protected for 25 years. If your system isn’t performing to the warranted amount from your contract, your panels will be replaced free of charge. You will not find a better warranty, it is the BEST warranty in the business.

Why choose Black Diamond?

With over 11 years of experience, Black Diamond Solar has created a turnkey installation system that passes the savings on to you. From our unique track system that minimizes the amount of wear and tear on your roof, to the high-efficiency panels that product the most cost to production ratio. Black Diamond Solar has the best warranty in the business, so you can sleep well knowing that you will be taken care of for over the next 25 years.

How Much Does the Solar System Cost?

Most solar companies out there charge anywhere from $3.40 – $4.50 a watt. Black Diamond Solar has simplified and streamlined the system so you can get a better system with longer warranties for only $2.90 a watt. You can save over 15-35%, with a better producing solar panel system.

What are the Solar System Tax Incentives?

For residential customers, you can get a federal tax credit for 30% of the cost of your system. Your state tax credits vary per state. For your state, you can see what incentives are offered by using http://www.dsireusa.org/ or give us a call 18777246610.

For commercial customers you also get a federal tax credit for 30% of the cost of your system. Your state tax credits vary per state as well. For your state, you can see what incentives are offered by using http://www.dsireusa.org/ or give us a call 18777246610. In addition to the tax credits, you can use depreciation to make your solar panel system product a greater return on investment.

How do solar panels work?

The majority of solar companies use a mono-crystalline solar panel or a poly-crystalline solar panel. Mono-crystalline panels are more efficient panels which will produce more electricity per square inch. The main advantage for the average solar panel system purchaser is you will create more power with less panels. Usually the limitations of most system is the size of the most optimal roof areas to place the panels.

How do I compare your solar panel system to other systems?

At Black Diamond Solar, we welcome quotes from our competition. When you compare the solar power generation and cost of our system against the competition, you will see that no other companies compares to Black Diamond Solar. To properly compare solar systems, look at the following information: total kilowatts produced, number of panels, cost per watt, total cost, length of warranty and warranty coverage.

Total Kilowatts Produced – this is how much electricity your solar panels will produce over an annual period of time.

Number of Panels – you want to choose the system with a fewer amount of panels as long as it doesn’t drive up the cost too much. With the cost of electricity going up on the average of 4%- 8% a year, the more efficient the panels you have the more money you can save.

Cost per Watt – cost per watt will help you to determine the base cost and efficiency of your system.

Total System Cost – This is the amount of money out of your pocket to acquire the energy efficient solar panels system.

Length of Warranty – This number will let you know how long the company that installs your panels back up the system that they install.

Warranty Coverage – All warranties are not the same, some cover performance (that the number of kilowatts produced will actually be correct) and other cover hardware replacement. Make sure that the company you choose will warranty their work as long as you can.

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is the system that power companies use to credit solar energy system owners for the electricity produced by their solar panels. During the day when you create more power than what you are using, the power company will give you credit to use during the times when your solar panels are not creating power. With net metering, you only pay for the electricity that you use beyond what your solar panels can generate. Net metering policies differ from state to state so check with your local power company to know exactly how it will work for you.