Just a few ways you can save money by switching to Solar Power...


Retail residential electricity prices have risen across the nation at a rate of around 62% on average over the last ten years. This trend doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon as natural gas prices are likely to increase as well, which in turn will add to the rising electricity rates.

Offset your monthly bill or eliminate it

There is a possibility that your solar system will produce more electricity than you use each month, which can bring net electricity costs down to $0, but there is still a minimal connection fee to remain connected to the electrical grid (typically $100/year).

Earn credits during that day that you can use in the evening

In your home, energy demands are usually low throughout the day. A typical solar panel system will produce more electricity than your household can utilize during this time. Net metering is a system that allows users to gain credits for the excess energy produced so that during the evening you can use those credits to consume electricity that has already been paid for.

Power the Neighborhood

Net metering also lets users with a solar array to send unused solar energy back to the utility grid for nearby electricity users to consume. This allows those who use solar power to save even more on their utility bills every month.

Uncle Sam is willing to pay 30 - 40% of your system price based on current tax incentives for using solar power. This lowers your cost of installation and offers investments in renewable energy.

*current tax incentives may expire